Stephanie Lynch

Stephanie is the owner and primary photographer for Photos by Stephanie Lynch LLC. She is originally from Fort Myers, Florida, and relocated to Orlando, Florida, to attend University of Central Florida where she earned her BA in Digital Media. Stephanie has had a love of photography since a young age, learned from her mom who always has a camera with her.

Stephanie cherishes photos (anyone who has heard of her backup system knows that!) and everything they represent, so enjoys being able to give that to other families as well.

“Photos represent a past time that we want to be able to look back on and remember, so let’s work together to create that moment that perfectly captures your family and their personality during your photo session.”

Justin Lynch


Justin grew up an Army Brat and has lived in many different states throughout the US. When he graduated high school, he had the option to go to any school in Florida since that was his dad’s home of record, and chose to go to University of Central Florida where he earned his BA in Film and went on to earn his MS in Interactive Entertainment.

Justin’s dad has always had a passion for photography, and passed that on to Justin. He enjoys taking landscape and abstract photos, which is why he tends to photograph more of the details at larger events. In addition to helping Stephanie with photography events, Justin is also a graphics designer and recently started working for himself.


Stephanie and Justin are partners both in business and in life. They met while playing Ultimate Frisbee at midnight while both attending University of Central Florida. Justin and Stephanie were married in March 2012, then had their first son, Tyler in June 2013. They moved to Humble, TX, in December of 2014 and their second son, Ryan, was born in March 2015. As a family, they enjoy playing outside, going to the pool, and visits to Florida.

Both Stephanie and Justin have always leaned towards their creative sides, and together enjoy helping other families capture today’s moments to make tomorrow’s memories. Family is their number one priority, and know it is for you, too, and want to being that into your photos.


Together, Stephanie and Justin make your photo session a success. For portrait sessions, you will typically meet only with Stephanie while Justin stays home with the boys. For larger events, such as weddings or community events, they work together to capture as much as possible. Stephanie usually is in the thick of things photographing the main event, while Justin is in the background capturing the details and everything that goes into making the event a success.

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